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Anti-Office / Park + Associates
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Anti-Office / Park + Associates

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1935 Hughes H-1 Racer
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1935 Hughes H-1 Racer

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photo by Gilles Herbin
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Lake Cabin, Czech Republic by FAM Architekti | via

Erected within the same boundaries as the former 1970s cabin, which was lacking suitable insulation and infrastructure, the simple wooden structure offers an improved connection with the forested site. Wood was chosen as the most suitable building material because of the cabin’s environs and because the construction methods caused minimal disruption to the site.

"The lake is a holiday destination with timber construction already present in cottages and cabins," explained Nasadil. "We aimed at a lightweight building which would not embed itself in nature with concrete foundations, but was more sensitive."

The cabin is raised above the forest floor on steel screws that allow the sandy terrain to continue underneath. The use of prefabricated construction techniques also helped to reduce the build time for the project, which was limited by the harsh winter weather.

Components for the timber framework were laser cut and transported to the site, where they were assembled in just one and a half weeks. The client oversaw the rest of the building process over a period of ten months. Vertical larch battens cladding the cabin’s exterior reference the trunks of the surrounding pine trees and continue across the folding shutters, creating a sealed facade that protects the cabin when closed.

When fully opened, the shutters reveal a glazed wall that provides an expansive view of the lake. The glass surface is split into sections that slide open to connect the interior with a small decked space outside.

Photography: Tomas Balej
Gifs: Christoph Sevcnikar

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